7 Ways Your Financial Sorcery Could Use A Holistic Boost

Money magic!

Besides enchanting for a boo thing – or various shades of boo thing-related rituals – money magic is probably the most popular and misapplied artes of sorcery people engage with.

One of my areas of specialty as a witch is prosperity work. A lot of clients hire me or engage in my workings primarily when they need a flourish of stop-gap cash, or they are trying to increase their flow of cash into their household overall. However, under the watchful eye of the markets and capitalism, many of us are in situations where cultivating a sudden sprout of cash is improbable or untenable without unfortunate twists of fate – and for those of us who can through side hustles or our businesses, it’s not a good habit to fall into magically. As a result, the best medicine is preventative and aimed at cultivating your financial health with an eye to keep things steady and floating. Unfortunately, the culture and capitalisation of magic has discouraged this type of strategic, pragmatic thinking, and people get left in a lurch or a continual pattern of falling short as a result.

I was recently having a conversation with my colleague & brother-in-spirit, Chiron Armand of Impact Shamanism, about this particular issue. He mentioned to me that he wants to see more people doing prosperity magic focused on cultivating the resources they already have and improving their luck in general, and that got the hamsters of witchcraft reeling and rolling in my head. Rather than focusing exclusively on getting a promotion or increasing your sales, I’m going to talk about 8 different areas you can experiment with magically to help make your financial sorcery more comprehensive and consistent.

1 – Keep Your Path Clear & Clean

The first area of magic that tends to get overlooked when it comes to financial prosperity & overall wellness is road opening & uncrossing.

The purpose of road opening – as the name implies – is to open the potential roads of your life and fate in general to ensure that your walk amongst them remains relatively peaceful, smooth, and with minimal obstacles. In essence: you’re making sure you have your choice of metaphorical doors and windows to open as you please, to reach through or walk through to pursue your goals and desires.

One method of engaging the practice of road opening is through engaging spirits of the liminal thresholds. If you practice a tradition that has a spirit of the crossroads, such as Vodou’s Papa Legba, you should seek out tradition-specific instructions from your Elders for that information. However, if you don’t have a specific spirit in your tradition, you can cultivate a simple and respectful relationship with Shri Ganesh/Ganesha. My practice involves 108 daily recitations of one of his mantras (Om Gum Ganapatye Namaha) and a simple offering of water, fruit (usually citrus of some sort), or candy. I also will, on occasion, add abre camino (the plant – which you can purchase fresh here from Original Botanica) and a few drops of wild orange essential oil to my uncrossing baths for an additional oomph of road opening.

Uncrossing refers to any magical or spiritual act aimed at brushing off the various energetic and cosmic dust bunnies & cobwebs, light malocchio (evil eye), or other knots in your spiritual health and vibrancy. Everyone’s conditions get a little musty and dusty as they go about their life – this is especially true if you practice any spiritual craft on the regular, or are a helping professional who encounters people in various states of not-so-hotness – so maintenance is the equivalent of washing your hair or taking a bath.

My preferred method for practicing uncrossing is a simple weekly bath. Salt, rue, hyssop, lemon or orange slices – sometimes with a splash of milk for soothing and prosperity, abre camino for additional road opening effects, or flower blossoms for flourishing. I combine these ingredients together, speak to them as individuals, and bless the bath with something akin to the following: “I uncross myself in mind, body, and spirit. May the ways be open and strengthened, and may my good luck and good fortune remain close at all times. Amen.” This is something I do during my observance of shabbat, when I don’t plan on leaving the house and can relax, rest, and tune into my sense of peace.

2 – Pay Ya People (And Your Neighbors)

Next up on the list of financial sorcery that’s not aimed at generating wealth: offerings! Specifically: making offerings of joss paper bills to your spiritual court, ancestors, the land ancestors, and your selves (yes, you read that correctly.)

The burning of joss paper – both the traditional variety, as well as those fashioned after contemporary currency – is an aspect of Chinese folk religion and cultural tradition. It is regularly offered up at funerals as well as on other occasions. I have borrowed (respectfully) from this idea and implemented a similar ceremony once a week – usually on Wednesdays, which are my pay days – to pay my Ancestors (I have a lot – 6 lineages of blood and adoptive ancestors, plus the Great/Elevated Ancestors and Community Ancestors, which makes for a grand total of 8). But one day while I was preparing my offerings, I had a thought about my anti-capitalist values and my spiritual practice: what would happen if I started paying my guiding and guardian spirits, specifically, for their influence and labor in my life? I then took this one step further and considered what the impact would be if I also included the ancestors of the land I live on (specifically: the souls of Indigenous people and slaves) as a form of spiritual reparation, even as someone who is an Black-Indigenous person myself?

The idea of this practice, paraphrasing from one of my teachers Fabeku Fatunmise, is that if you increase your Ancestors’ capacity for receiving, it helps improve their capacity for giving as well as increasing your capacity to receive said blessings. Applying this more broadly to my guiding and guardian spirits – as well as the land ancestors – has led to a much clearer connection and less friction in my life when my broader magical-spiritual practice falls off due to health issues. Additionally, I credit expanding this practice to include my past, present, and future selves to moving my set point around money and lending consistency and stability to my overall financial growth and goal achievement.

Because I live in an apartment, however, without access to a safe place to burn my joss paper, I had to come up with an alternative. My solution was utilizing my ritual pot, a couple of tealights, and some incense. I have cast iron pot that I’ve blessed, oiled, and consecrated for general magical purposes and in it I place the red envelopes with the joss paper offerings in a circle around a ceramic, round incense burner that holds a stick of Frankincense or Sandalwood incense from Morningstar, light the incense, and replace the lid, propping it open slightly and evenly using a wooden ruler or a long, flat wooden incense holder. Once the smoke is going, I place the tealights on the lid and envision a gate.

As I light the tealights, I say something akin to the following: “As fire cuts through space and time to forge a path alone, as smoke carries messages and delights into the spirit realm, may these gifts be transformed and their power and essence be delivered to their rightful recipients. May my Ancestors known and unknown receive this gift and gesture of good will. May my guiding and guardian spirits, known and unknown, receive this gift and gesture of good will. May the ancestral spirits of this land, known and unknown, receive this gift. May all past versions of myself, known and unknown, receive this gift. May all present versions of myself, known and unknown, receive this gift. May all future versions of myself, known and unknown, receive this gift. May good luck and good fortune stay close, may all beings prosper, amen.”

3 – Make Your Money Werk Werk Werk Werk Werk Werk

Once you get that splash of cash, how do you keep the goods in your pocket and make those dollas holla?

Money Stay With Me work is a venerable part of the cannon of Hoodoo and rootwork when it comes to answering that question magically, and most of the techniques that I utilize are within that body of knowledge. However, I do not encourage or support non-Black people utilizing this medicine or knowledge without deference to the cultural inheritors (i.e., USian Black folx) – so I encourage you to get creative in your approach if you are not Black, and if you do decide to utilize Hoodoo approaches anyways, you purchase materials and curios from Black practitioners only. One of my favourite ways of applying this concept of keeping my money with me outside of Hoodoo proper is through my magical cashbox – an idea that came to me by way of Jason Miller and his first book, The Sorcerer’s Secrets. The interior of my box has been rubbed down with my own blend of Money Stay With Me oil and is a permanent home to two different gator paws, and a gris-gris designed specifically for keeping money with me. One of those gator paws is blessed specifically to grab cash and good luck, while the other has been blessed and consecrated to hold onto them.

Another technique in this vein is the idea of doing magic aimed at making your money go farther. I have experimented with the sigil labelled specifically for this purpose from the Gallery of Magick, but had much better results when I started experimenting with my own sigils and techniques. The intent and focus of this work is to not only have your money stay with you, but to orchestrate your overall life – financial and otherwise – to flow in a way where the outflow is covering more and carrying you farther. My hint here would be playing around with the contrast between Saturnine and Jupiterian energies to see where they take you.

4 – Luck Be A Lover, Fortune Be A Friend

Another oft-overlooked and underestimated are of wealthy and money work is tending to one’s luck and good fortune.

Oftentimes luck magic comes up when discussing gambling – gator curios, gris-gris, mojos, and all manner of planetary talismans meant to tip the odds of the game in the bearer’s favour. However – as Gordon White has highlighted in the past – effective and strategic sorcery, like gambling, involves being able to consistently measure, calculate, and recalculate odds and probabilities, intuitively through divination, practically through intel, or, preferably, through both.

The thing about strong luck magic is that you are effectively stacking the deck and tilting the table in your favour, so the house wins less frequently. Whether this manifests as avoiding unexpected expenses, catching the big boss’ eye at work and thus gaining a promotion, or simply catching a break where breaks could potentially be caught, the better your luck, the less shit you gotta deal with while getting your money together. Considering research has shown that it takes the average person 20 years of nothing going majorly wrong to build wealth and get out of poverty, I cannot stress enough the importance of arming one’s self with the blessings of Fortune against the rage of the capitalist, white supremacist, colonising machine, ya dig?

My standard method of keeping the good times a-rollin’ when it comes to my good luck and fortune is to dilute a few drops of Fast Luck oil (I recommend Crescent City Conjure) in my weekly uncrossing/cleansing/road opening baths, as well as applying a couple of drops to my Swiffer Wet pads when I clean my apartment.

5 – Work Smarter, Not Harder

When it comes to interacting and engaging with our money, working with systems or strategies is always a good bet for keeping things consistent, clear, and unencumbered when it comes to our finances. However, I am one of those people who overthinks my goals and methodologies to death in an attempt to be thoughtful and congruent with my values. This means that oftentimes my processes and systems are not quiiiiite as efficient or sustainable for me as they could be, and in the past, I would fall off the wagon much more frequently than I do now. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

This particular issue brings us to another indirect form of prosperity magic: working smarter, not harder by asking for advice and insight on how to make your systems around handling your resources (or other aspects of your cash management) more efficient and less stressful.

If you happen to be a whip with the Tarot or another system, inquiring with your future selves – the ones who got shit figured out – is a great place to start looking for information. If you happen to not be as quick with the divination tools or you’d prefer to wing it with signs from the heavens, asking your Ancestors for insight or making offerings to tutelary spirits who are known for movement, flow, etc., is a solid place to look. I personally work with Juno and Mercury the Magus on this particular issue – Juno because she is guardian of the treasury, and Mercury the Magus for his domain over the flow and movement of the cosmos, as well as serving as a liaison between the gods and humankind.

Based on the changes suggested to me, I’ve had realisations about the way I relate to managing my cash and other finance-related/adjacent goals, and have subsequently made changes that have been significantly more consistent for me to act on and sustain. Utilizing and cultivating within yourself (you can do that magically too, ya know) the capacity for seeing where you can streamline, strengthen, and sustain your systems and approaches for certain areas can open up your flow as well as helping you feel and be more steady on your feet financially.

6 – Buckets, Budgets & Envelopes, Oh My!

Speaking of systems and working smarter, not harder, following a budget and exercising focus when it comes to our goals can be a tough nut to crack when it comes to our finances, thus making it a prime area for us to explore with our financial sorcery.

Sticking to our plan, especially when things go sideways or don’t quite hit the mark, can be rough. It’s hard to know when to pivot, and when to press on. Working with the energy of Mars to charge up our motivation, passion, and persistence and pairing that with the tempering, boundaries-forging power of Saturn can be a great way to stretch your muscle of financial commitment and strength train yourself (from a magical POV) to be more comfortable with the parameters you set for yourself around how your resources move in and out of your life.

On the flip side of this, I also recommend working with Venus (or whatever other magical method that best fits here), before you work with Mars and Saturn together. One of my dear mentors and aunties, Randi Buckley, teaches in her Healthy Boundaries for Kind People work that our boundaries are like a garden: it’s more about what we want to cultivate, grow, and keep within, rather than what we want to keep out. By tapping into whatever tools or power we need to help us better understand what we find pleasurable, desirable, and important in our relationship with our budgets, systems, etc., we can create better, more sustainable, focused practices around them, that can then be reinforced by the strength and willpower of Saturn or another force of discipline.

7 – The Best A Sorcerer Can Get

Another oft-neglected potential area to work some magic around that can help with your finances and money magic practice is encouraging generosity and a positive disposition from the people you engage with.

In a similar vein to tipping the odds in your favour by tending your luck, utilizing magic to encourage people to read and receive you in a way that encourages their warmth and generosity can be an asset. If you’re in a customer-facing position where tips or performance-based pay, this can – obviously – lead to more generous wages and cash influx. But even if you’re not in this type of role, this type of magical influencing can be useful in encouraging better treatment when negotiating financial situations (repayment, late bills, etc.) but also in situations where social capital is required to buy into a better opportunity or to access resources you need.

There are an endless variety of techniques one can employ, but the simplest one could be a daily visualisation: see your aura in a pleasing, inviting color of your choice, preferably some pastel but trust your intuition. Feel that energy imbued with an inviting sense of calm, warmth, and ease, that opens up the hearts and minds of everyone you encounter and invites them to be generous with you out of a sense of trust and resonance, and when they do so, to feel deeply satisfied by this decision. That’s it. You’re good to go.

Bonus: Tending A Nest Egg

As an addendum to this post, admittedly because I couldn’t come up with a snappy close, I decided to include some notes on one of the weird bits of random chaos-y magic that I do: tending a symbolic nest egg.

For those of you whose first language is not English, a nest egg is an idiomatic expression that’s used to speak of a sum of money or assets that are set aside for a specific purpose. Whenever I have a specific goal that requires a specific sum or repeat sums of dollars, I create and tend a nest egg to help add power and luck to my efforts.

Eggs are very potent friends indeed when it comes to magic and spiritual uses. Their shells are used in the process of making cascarilla powder, a powerful ritual agent used for protection and banishing in Lucumi/Santeria, whole eggs are a popular offering for a number of classes and types of spirits and intelligences, and eggs themselves are symbols of fecundity, fertility, and wealth. There are even a number of creation myths where an egg or eggs feature prominently in the birth of the world of the Universe itself. Magically speaking, eggs are readily capable of absorbing and holding any type of energy in order for it to be released either back into the earth, into the flow of running water, or even to be imbued into food-based ritual work, although this function is most readily utilized in curanderismo healing in the form of limpias (cleansing).

Keeping these things in mind, I got the idea of using an egg as a vessel for holding, growing, and tending specific financial goals to fruition. There are two ways you can do this: you can get a plastic Easter egg that snaps together, or you can craft an egg out of clay. I recommend clay, only because I’ve found it to be more grounding for one’s intention. You could also, in theory, acquire an egg-shaped gemstone and ask it to assist you in this operation, but I’ve personally never done that so I can’t say if that would be effective one way or another.

Prepare your petition however your particular tradition or practice prescribes. Place it within the center of your egg along with whatever other materials you desire. I then take a wooden or ceramic bowl and construct a nest for my talisman of herbs, shredded money, sugar, and feng shui coins. I speak to each ingredient I use in the nest’s spirit/intelligence/essence and ask it to imbue and support my talismanic egg with whatever qualities I desire. I try to make sure it’s nice and comfy in the bowl and that there’s plenty of room for two eggs.

When the talismanic egg is ready to go (decorated as desired/best aligned), I place it in the nest alongside an actual egg. I speak to the spirit of the egg and ask it to bestow its gifts and intelligence on my talismanic egg, to make it come alive, so that I may feed it and help it grow the goal placed within to fruition. I feed the egg itself a little water and whisky, sometimes some incense, too, just for an added oomph. I leave them on my altar for 24 hours before removing the actual egg and disposing of it, usually outdoors and in a whole form. I make sure the talismanic nest and are provided with regular heat in the form of burning a couple of tealights around it once a week, along with being fed with some type of liquor, water, or incense. I do this until my goal is achieved, and once my intention has been executed on, I thank the spirit of egg that occupied my talisman for its work and break the egg open in order to retrieve the petition within, which I then burn and close out the rite.


While my financial goals are still in progress and my own financial situation isn’t quite where I want it to be as of this blog post, utilizing these strategies has garnered me vast improvements in a very short window of time over where I used to be. I hope you find them helpful and use them to help fill the spaces between (and thus preventing) the need for those random ‘money now plz’ spells!

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