Lucifer's Well - established in April 2019 - is a network of invite-only, digital spaces + communities with vetted membership, dedicated to exploring and cultivating a liberation sorcery praxis as politically leftist practitioners, both public and private. The Well presently consists of a private Facebook community & this website's password-protected resources.

Becoming a Dweller is only attainable through the following means at this time:
1) Paid participation in a magical service provided by Alexis P. Morgan,
2) Direct referral and vetting by an existing member, who is willing to take responsibility for your actions and conduct in our spaces, should there be an issue.

In order to be approved as a member of Lucifer's Well, you must:

  1. Be an adult (21+)
  2. Enthusiastically consent to being invited by the current member who is sponsoring you.
  3. Thoroughly review our moderation policy + statements of community values and culture.
  4. Fill out the membership application completely and accurately, with all questions answered clearly and directly.
  5. Request admittance to your chosen community hub(s) on the sites themselves (we're just on Facebook Groups right now, this will certainly change in the future.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the Contact Form and get in touch.


Membership in any of Lucifer's Well hub communities is FREE, due to generous one-time and ongoing patrons. If you'd like to support the work of Lucifer's Well, click here to contribute or become a patron. PLEASE NOTE: patronage does *not* guarantee or entitle someone to membership.

Additionally, even though hub(s) strive to operate with a community-centric ethos, Lucifer's Well is an extension of the professional ecosystem of its founder. As a result, I (Alexis, the person writing this copy) promote my paid offerings with reasonable regularity.

However, there are dedicated spaces for mutual aid requests/fundraising/community resources, selling one's wares, for vetted and congruently-valued job opportunities are available, and folks are welcome to offer (sincerely) free resources directly to community if they desire. We also have community submissions to the blog (moderated as if you were to submit a post to any community hub.)