Last Revised & Updated: 9 September 2021

  • This is a consent-driven, community-oriented network of communities // Despite the relationship at times between personal responsibility & sorcery, Lucifer’s Well believes that we should lay the foundation of our discussions, interactions, and analyses in a community-oriented frame, which means ensuring our behavior always benefits those who are - at present - systematically disenfranchised and marginalized. Additionally, we have a consent-driven ethos, where we ask people to proactively self-ID where relevant, honor & respect people’s boundaries, and ask permission before engaging one another privately.

  • We believe in solidarity & mutual aid, not charity & saviorism. // Although we exist primarily in digital space, we strive to engage said space as if we were together face-to-face, remembering that there are real people, with real lives, needs, wants, dreams, and struggles on the receiving end of our words and actions. As a result, we believe in the power of solidarity amongst the working class & politically marginalized under capitalist kyriarchy, and mutual aid grounded in equitable recognition of our needs & wants as human beings. We reject the hierarchical and dehumanizing notions embedded in acts or politics of ‘saviorism’, as well as the power-over, status-quo serving politics of traditional philanthropy and charitable giving.

  • We believe in Indigenous sovereignty, responsibilities, & rematriation. // Any discussion of spirituality & magical practice is useless without recognition of the violence of capitalist, colonial kyriarchy, and the need for establishing praxical decolonization, and political rematriation. Lucifer’s Well holds the default position that land ownership is a political anathema to Indigenous sovereignty and responsibilities, and an obstacle to rematriation, although it may be necessary for survival and security under those economic systems. We encourage all members to proactively defer and respect the requests + boundaries of the Indigenous communities who belong to the land on which they rest their feet, as much as possible.