Drawing from across my magical experience and background, since 2012 I have offered a number of different offerings and services — ranging from Tarot readings, to more specialized divinations such as working with the spirits of Goetia & the Dead (ancestral spirits), to ceremonies honoring feast days & holidays, ritual work for transformation + road opening, attracting opportunities, amplifying good luck, and manifesting other material opportunities and routines.

This is a non-comprehensive sampling of ritual work & magical tools I’ve made available to the community and individuals over the last few years.

Please note: I am not a licensed medical practitioner, business advisor, therapist, or any other profession that requires licensure. Please consult the proper professional, and NEVER substitute any suggestions or practices shown below or otherwise featured on my site for conventional treatment and informed, educated, licensed + regulated guidance.

  • Allopathic Augmentation - In the past I have provided one-on-one and community services intended to augment, complement, and support allopathic treatments, including counseling. To be clear: this work was NOT and has never been a replacement for evidence-based, method-backed care, and I do not represent myself to be a medical or mental health professional, or any work or writings I create on this subject to be a substitution for the work of a professional. I’ve worked with families who were pursuing fertility treatments and pregnancies after loss, with people in recovery from eating disorders & dealing with other body dysmorphia, and soul integration/retrieval for individuals struggling with grief, displacement, anxiety, depression, and their feelings of self-possession.

  • Divination & Mediumship - Divination - and rarely, direct mediumship - sessions were where I began my spiritual journey. I started reading Tarot in my teens, revisiting it along with other forms of cartomancy and other divination forms in my 20s, the highlight of this journey being the opportunity to read for Youree Dell Harris (a.k.a., Miss Cleo) at 22. I’ve read with various forms of cards, dominoes, pendulum, buzios (shells), runes, necromancy, and Goetic methods.

  • Wealth Bowl Service - Inspired by various methods of container magic, I experimented with constructing a spell bowl for manifesting short-term petitions related to material matters as an intermittent complement to my bi-annual Juno Jar service.

  • Setting of Lights & Altar Light Service - In addition to traditional folk magic candle work and the process of setting lights (varied across the ADTRs, including Hoodoo), I also perform a weekly altar light service on behalf of members of Lucifer’s Well to the bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara (Guanyin) as well as chanting to Green Tara for the alleviation of the world’s suffering.

  • Yellow & Green Dzambhala Offerings - During past eclipses, I made offerings on behalf of participants in my community to both the Yellow and Green incarnations of Dzambhala, under the guidance of an experienced and respectful practitioner. These rites were another iteration of wealth and resource magic that I’ve worked with and explored over the years.

  • Clauneck Charm Bags - Working with the spirit Clauneck from the Grimoire Verum, I made a couple dozen charm bags. These little babies were aimed at enhancing people’s capacity to achieve their goals, strengthen their luck + charismatic salesmanship, and

  • Eclipse Community Rites - Eclipses are one of my favourite times to do work for myself and community, capitalising on their magnifying and amplifying effect to support people around needing to transform particularly stubborn or stagnant situations, particularly in matters of the heart or self-belief.

  • Conjuring with the Saints - Connected and inspired by my background and training in Hoodoo, and my Easter-and-Christmas Catholicism as a child, I do a lot of practical work and conjuring with the saints. Foremost amongst them are St. Expedite (for swift work and responses), St. Joseph (all matters related to housing & getting essential needs met), St. Cajetan (for issues with bureaucracy or legal matters as they relate to property, business, etc., as well as supporting major career or business changes), St. Anne (for fertility and easing the grief and mourning of losing a pregnancy or a child), St. Cyprian (for support in matters of the Demonic or Angelic Divine), and St. Denis (for expanded insight, clarification, and cultivation of spiritual skill.) I am also a venerating devotee of Santisima Muerte, but I do not work with Her for others, just for myself.

  • Venus Jar - In an ongoing demonstration of my love for container-based magic, I once offered a container spell service to encourage the bestowal of the boons of Venus. The working was aimed at infusing participants’ aura with warmth and magnetism to encourage generosity from others, good luck, and beauty in one’s life.

  • Ancestor Elevation & Offerings - In Hoodoo and other traditions of the African Diaspora, it is common to work with one’s own and other Ancestors - familial, spiritual, and communal - in order to support effectuating change, and to provide emotional closure, healing, and grounding. In the past I have worked with retainer clients to attend to their dead on their behalf (for a variety of reasons ranging from privacy, to time, to the lack of available space) as well as supporting families after loved ones have transitioned with elevation work, intended to help them release their attachment to this way of living and to move into the next.

  • Swizzness (SW) Sorcery - Sex work (of all forms) and sorcery have gone hand-in-hand since the dawn of humanity’s oldest vocation. As a retired sex worker myself, I have worked with private client past in order to support them in bolstering their business, protecting themselves and their assets, making their best dates even more generous, and helping sustain an aura of glamour that attracts only the best, well-behaved, and generous fans to their door.

  • Goetic Magic & Daemonaltry - In the beginning of my journey with the spiritual journey, I was admittedly a bit skittish of working with the Daemonic divine. But in time, they have become one of my regularly chartered allies that I work with alongside other spirits of this current.

  • Private Divinations - I offer email and video consultations on both general matters as well specialty subjects, namely prognostication for spellwork, business consultations, and spirit communication (Ancestral & Goetic.) I do not provide consultations or advice on romance or sex unrelated to a pre-existing long-term relationship, outside of those requests related to erotic labor.

  • 1:1 Magical Work & Retainers (Non-Business) - I have offered both one-of custom ceremonial work (such as customized container spells) as well as serving clients on retainer. Retainer clients receive priority communication, regular divination(s), ancestor feeding/tending, and various degrees of intensity of spiritual work to align and support their goals depending on their goals.

  • Community Rites, Feast Day & Holiday Observance - Several of the spirits I work with have feast days associated with them, and I also follow several calendars of ritual observance. When I feel moved or I am guided, I will usually stage feasts and ceremonial work in concordance with these energies. I also do general rituals for community to capitalise on important astrological energies and when I feel moved, ha.

  • Spiritual Mentoring & Instruction - I currently offer my insight and guidance - in a community, slightly-more-hands-off, fashion - to members of Lucifer's Wells digital network hubs. As of January 2021, I have three mentees, two within the path of Mzizi Udongo, and one who is not.

  • Talismanic Objects & Magical Items - In the past I have created charm bags, more traditional fixings of Hoodoo/Conjured, seated statues for people’s altars, created talismanic jewelry, etc.