Last Revised & Updated: 9 September 2021


Please note, any invocation or mention of ‘me’ or ‘I’ refers to Alexis.

  • Not Available 24/7 - Please be kind and mindful of how you interact and make requests of moderators, and give us up to 24 hours/1 business day to address a situation if something goes awry, approve a post, etc. No one is on a compulsory schedule.

  • Requesting Moderation - Please identify the appropriate channels or mechanism(s) for alerting modmins to an issue upon entering your chosen community hub(s).

  • Our Spaces Centers Marginalised People - This should be a given, because this is my group, and I am a Black, queer, disabled, & neurodivergent femme. I expect everyone to take responsibility for checking and rechecking the biases they’re bringing to the table when engaging around contentious topics and with one another. Moderators will approach all interactions in the group with this centering in mind.

  • Rule Enforcement - Moderators are able to freely enforce the aforementioned guidelines at their discretion, because I trust their discretion, including their boundaries and integrity to remove *me* in the event *I* become a liability or harm to our community hub(s). However, modmins are mostly present to help me have multiple eyes and ears and to containerize and de-escalate issues before they get out of hand.

  • Rule Enforcement, Accountability, Part 1 - In the event a moderator ducks up, they will be held to the same expectations of restoration as all other group members

  • Rule Enforcement, Accountability, Part 2 - The aforementioned policy extends to Lilith (Alexis), by my own choice. In the event the admin team plurally agrees I am incapable of being trusted to hold the entire community’s wellness + boundaries, they will temporarily remove me from the group *or* put me on post approval, and commence with a direct democracy process, where all Dwellers will be solicited for their opinion (anonymously, but through independently verifiable means) as to whether or not I should maintain my leadership position. If the answer is no, the community will vote on who will take over my position as community tender, and I solemnly swear an oath that I will transfer my powers & any other assets required to maintain smooth maintenance of the Well (with the exception of maintaining subscriptions to paid services) cooperatively.

  • Removal/Blocking From Community Hubs, Part 1 - Blocking moderators without notice will get your membership booted, and you banned from all community hubs. Blocking me, on any platform, is strictly forbidden without consultation by the modmin team, ‘cause it’s my gahtdambed group (as of the moment). In the event you have a personal dispute with a moderator, please let me know before you block them just so I know what’s going on and am able to ensure this space remains safe and secure for everyone involved.

  • Removal/Blocking From Community Hubs, Part 2 - Moderators have the right to temporarily remove disruptive, spammy, and/or aggressive parties from any community hub space while waiting for me to respond to any disputes or contentious incidents. In the event reparations and reconciliation are successfully facilitated/mediated out, the removed party can be added back to the hub with the consent of all involved parties.

  • Removal/Blocking From Community Hubs, Part 3 - If you’ve been called as an offender into a restorative justice process 3 times, your membership will be revoked and you will be banned from all community hubs. Particularly egregious and hateful behavior is a one-and-done, at the discretion of myself and my moderating team.

  • Restoring Membership - If you have a profile that was banned, deleted, etc., you need to re-apply for membership. The same process applies. There are no exceptions.

Disputes, Disagreements, & Disruptive Incidents

  • Continuing Education & Accomplice Work - It is expected that the moderators and members of Lucifer’s Well are consistently and regularly engaged in furthering their political understanding, unpacking their internalised biases, and in working towards being accomplices in the places where their structural privileges are a thing.

  • 1-2 Business Day - In the event someone wilds out or there is a particularly ‘hot’ incident in a community hub, please give us 1-2 business day to respond and to follow through with this protocol. Once a moderator(s) have been called in or step in, do not engage any further with comments, private messages, etc.

  • De-escalate & Containerize - In the event there is a contentious or harmful situation, where someone has engaged in abusive or hurtful/disruptive behavior, the first step that any moderator will take is to attempt to de-escalate the situation, and if that fails, contain it until I can address it directly both in public forum & in private. This is not to censor anyone, but to manage and prevent further harm.

  • Review & Discussion - Once a situation has been containerized, the moderating team will alert me via the appropriate group channel/chat that there is a situation that needs to be reviewed. Once I’ve gone through the material/documentation at hand, I will reach out to all involved parties privately to discuss what happened and to make arrangements for a time/date to work out restorative mediation. Here is an overview of the concept of restorative justice from the Centre for Justice & Reconciliation.

  • Restorative Mediation - All involved parties, myself, and at least two BIPOC modmins will have a video call via Zoom to discuss what happened, and to discuss what restoration looks like for the labor and disruption caused/created. This will be recorded for transparency and all parties provided a copy, but it will not be posted in the group. If we’re unable to reach an agreement between all parties, I (Alexis) will make the final decision about whether or not the offending party(s) should be permanently removed from the group or simply blocked by the others, as well as directly negotiating recompense to those harmed in the form of community service (1-2 hours), mutual aid contribution to named/desired organizers or organizations (<| $50-$75/person), or small monetary compensation direct to parties harmed (<| $50-75/person). These boundaries reflect the limits of my capacities at this time as of 25 May 2021.

    This is the method we will use to facilitate these conversations; and this page contains the general gist of how we’ll determine if the process and resolution were a success. I am currently reviewing literature on curating and holding space for communities, so I reserve the right to change and update this process as I go.

  • Resolution - Once restorative mediation has closed and a resolution has been reached, there will be a simple, community hub-wise announcement (“The incident that occurred on XYZ date between ABC and 123, has been resolved + [general description of resolution here]”) that will be marked as an announcement and tagged as #ResolutionNotice, made by myself or another member of the moderating team.

  • Village Forum - After a disruptive incident, I will also solicit feedback from the broader community. Information on how this feedback will be gathered and engaged with will vary from hub to hub, and instructions will be posted by myself or another member of the moderating team with the hashtag #VillageForum.

  • Updates & Revisions - Any necessary updates to moderation guidelines or group rules will be made promptly after the Village Forum to reflect the desires of the community. I reserve the right to overrule changes, but will do so sparingly, care, and with transparency.