Last Revised & Updated: 25 May 2021

1 - Be An Adult (21+)

No children are permitted access to community hubs, including adults who are unable to take responsibility for their actions and how they arrive to these spaces. Act accordingly.

2 - Make Like Mariah Carey

Make like Mariah Carey & say, "I don't know her." Do not tag anyone on social media outside of myself (Alexis) as the originating source for material (if it's mine). You are allowed to associate it with The Well generally, and link to this website -- please do, actually! Just don't name names if you don't know if someone is public about their fraternization with our hubs!

3 - Be Kind & Unwind (Your Assumptions)

Friction happens. If something strikes you funny, ask questions and assume best intentions until otherwise demonstrated. Please tag an admin/mod if a thread needs to be shut down for whatever reason.

4 - Don't Be An Asshole

Make sure everyone feels safe -- when posting, please be sure to add a TW/CW for any sensitive subjects and bury the start of your post. When in doubt, add a TW/CW. Antagonism (public or private) & hateful comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, ability, or other aspects of marginalized identity will not be tolerated.

5 - You Know Nothing, Jon Snow

Magic can legit get people fucked up in the broader world, up to and including imprisonment and death in some corners of the world. Do not mention magic on other member's public profiles, or out the private identities of members, unless you know they're fully out as a practitioner. Be sure to ask consent before connecting outside of the group, where appropriate.

6 - Aim For The Bull's Eye

Posts and content shared to community hubs should be directly related to one or more of the following subjects: mutual aid resources (inc. vetted job opportunities that align with the values of the community; when in doubt, ask an admin), leftist theory & praxis, land stewardship (rematriation, farming, etc.), homesteading (foraging, allopathic-cooperative/friendly herbal medicine, urban gardens, DIY living craft skills), magic, spirituality & religion. This includes memes, too!

7 - Everything Is On The Table (...Kinda.)

Topics range from healing to cursing to sex (including swizzness), and everywhere in between -- except direct facilitation of violent crime. Please be careful, thoughtful, and mature about how you approach these topics, and understand you are 100% responsible for yourself and any outcomes of applying things you learn or encounter from any community hub.

8 - Don't Be A Pirate & Pay For Your Porn

Please do not post specific rituals or material directly from books, or bootleg/pirated copies of any materials, without the explicit consent of the originator. Pirates are strictly forbidden in community hubs, although in principle Lucifer’s Well agrees with the utopian position of abolishing intellectual property rights (NOT the same as attribution and citation). Also: do be a good bun and pay for your porn, too.

9 - Peddling Wares Is Permitted (In Certain Spaces Only!)

In order to keep things neat + coherent, promotional posts are only permitted in certain dedicated post spaces or channels inside of community hubs. Our limitations on who/what can post, excluding swizzness, are the same as Paypal’s restricted businesses, including NO multi-level marketing or get rich quick offers. Please be mindful, thoughtful, & respectful with your marketing approach, use consent-based selling tactics, and do NOT exploit fellow Dwellers. Scamming our members will get you permanently banned.

Additionally, we have dedicated Book Trade & Swap + Mutual Aid & Solidarity spaces, so people can easily find them, and our community hubs do not get overwhelmed or cluttered. Folks are free to share, however, any free resources or writings they create to the community, as long as it’s on topic.

10 - This Is A Labor Of Love. Patience Is Kindness. 

Administrators/mods are not available 24/7/365. Issues will be addressed as quickly as humanly possible. Additionally, please refrain from sending private messages with questions that can be addressed in public spaces to any mods -- it just makes it harder to keep track of what was said when, to whom, and that lack of transparency could damage community trust.

11 - Tag, I'm *NOT* It!

Please, for the love of all that's unholy, do not tag me (Alexis) in posts, comments, etc. Not even to say thank you, please. I regularly check in and read through posts, even if I don't interact with them, in community hubs. If you'd like to share something with me...I promise I will probably see it without tag(s). If you have an issue, please use the proper tools and/or procedures to let the moderation team know there is an issue.

12 - Cultural Appropriation: We Don't Do That Here

I believe there is a difference between liturgy and tech, and that it's possible to appreciate and utilize the *tech* of a practice in a respectful way, i.e., not for profit, not reteaching it yourself, and only if you’ve been taught directly by someone who had a right to teach and share. Essentially: don't claim to be or have authority you do not have, fully credit your lineage(s) and any origin cultures you reference or who influence your thinking if you’re discussing your own techniques and POV, and refrain from exploiting any knowledge electively shared here in good faith for learning purposes from cultures and people other than your own. I want us to exchange, understand, contextualise, and appreciate, not steal!

13 - Use Of Veto Authority

I (Alexis) reserve the right to delete any content - with or without explanation - that do not gel with the community's betterment, or that are otherwise harmful, etc. I will minimize my non-explanatory use of my privilege and will endeavor for full transparency at all times.

14 - Be Free!

If you're new to magic or struggling with something -- ask questions! Be free in community hubs! Occult spaces are historically a bit intimidating, but this is meant to be fun, challenging, and expansive. Please feel free to take up space, to help and support other community members, to learn from people with more or less and different experiences from you, and to take what you need and leave the rest.

15 - Hail Satan! Or Not!

By this I mean: there be free and open discussions, without judgement or moralism, of chthonic, chaotic, demonic, Satanic, vampiric, and otherwise 'dark' or 'Left Hand Path' (both misnomers, btw) aspects of craft. I will refrain (and also encourage our members) from doing so with the usual song and dance of the creepy aesthetic, power hungry nonsense, grandiosity, etc.If this makes you uncomfortable and thus renders our community hubs not a fit for you, etc., I'll still dig you -- no worries! Promise!

16 - Keep That Dirty Laundry

"Dirty deleting" is the act of deleting posts and/or comments wherein you've engaged in hurtful, oppressive, or abusive behavior, and other members of the community have brought that harm to your attention. If someone in the community informs you that what you've said is hurtful or destructive, do not delete _ANYTHING_ - doing so will result in an automatic ban.

17 - No Screenshots...Not Even If They're Redacted

Despite the existence of the prior rules on this matter, I want to make it explicitly clear: there is to be absolutely NO screenshotting of content of any community hub and posting it elsewhere, censored or uncensored, it doesn't matter. There are people with membership in Lucifer's Well community hubs whose lives could be seriously damaged - up to and including death or imprisonment - if they were discovered to have associations with our hub(s), or if they were exposed publicly, due to stalking and domestic violence. DO NOT put other people’s lives at risk. This is a one-time violation, lifetime ban.

18 - Blocking Moderators Is Strictly Forbidden (...without good reason)

In order to be able to successfully manage community hubs, all moderators MUST be able to see you + engage with you. If you, for whatever reason, feel you need to block a moderator for your own safety, please contact me *first* so we can discuss how to best move forward if you wish to remain a member of The Well.